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I used to always see Doctor Who posts on my dash  but I didn’t know the name of it. I thought, “Wow, that guy is so emotional and funny. I should watch it.” When I finally found out what it was I was so excited to see my first Doctor Who episode. But I was worried my mom would catch me and think I was strange for watching it. Not wanting to get caught, I waited for BBC America to play an episode at night. I lucked out on a David Tennant marathon at midnight. All alone downstairs I watched in secret. I was so entranced with it that I never noticed that my mom had come downstairs. Once I realized I had been caught, I went to say something. But my mom stopped me and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me Doctor Who was on?” Shocked, I explained that I didn’t know she liked it. Apparently she did the same thing when she was a kid with the classic Doctor Who episodes. From that point on, every time I find Doctor Who DVDs (both classic and modern), my mom and I are super excited to watch!  

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